How the pandemic has forced some apps like Tiktok, Zoom, IG live on us.

The social distancing and staying at home has become the new normal for practically everyone.

With the movie theaters closed and no restaurants to dine in, almost everyone has been spending most of their lives online.

The virus pushed us online for work, connecting and entertainment. With almost all public gatherings called off, people are seeking entertainment on streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, and connecting with one another on social media outlets like Facebook.

The Tiktok app owned by ByteDance, has been widely used by young people in the past few months to share reactions, experiences and commentary about their lockdown chronicles. The app has also brought people together with memes about coping during the pandemic.

TikTok has taken proactive measures to educate people about the spread of Coronavirus when other major social media platforms are pushing against the spread of false information.

Instagram Live is the new television. Several Nigerian celebrities and social media content creators, also stuck at home, are taking advantage of it to keep their fans engaged and also stay relevant. From top Nigerian music producers going head-to-head on Instagram Live; to artists holding concert series; to DJs hosting virtual parties, and Television presenters creating Instagram Live-native interviews.

FatherDMW’s sudden rise to limelight can also be attributed to the fact that millions of people are at home bored and are turning to social media for entertainment. Furthermore, the offices and schools have all moved into our living rooms.

School assignments are being handed out on Google Classroom. Meetings are happening on Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.

At the moment, we all have access to an array of intimate, special live shows during a time when we all really could use some good music and good entertainment.

Remember to breathe, stay home and stay safe.

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