My Work From Home Experience

On the 25th of February 2020, Nigeria recorded its first case of the novel corona virus. Being an everyday Lagos commuter and owing to the tremendous amount of daily stress I experienced in a bid to locate my desk at the office and my bed back at home, I was one of the first persons to clamor for a stay at home order. Well, it seemed like no one heard my plea for a lockdown, as Lagosians went about their normal activities, with the usual Eko vibe. Few weeks later a few more cases were announced and finally it seemed as though the much needed stay at home order would be announced. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job (dear boss, just for the records) but for someone who’s used to the slow and comfy lifestyle of the south-south region of Nigeria, the busy lifestyle here isn’t just my thing (yet). Finally, the long anticipated day arrived and we had to prepare our ‘remote work kits’. I got the necessary files copied, collected a few movies from a colleague and it just seemed like I was going on holidays. I honestly anticipated a one week stay home order but instead got two after the President’s broadcast. I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt. Working from home wasn’t supposed to be a new thing to

me, but this was different. The fact that I couldn’t go out because it was an order, made it all the more difficult, I was however determined to enjoy myself nonetheless.

By the time, the first phase of the lockdown was almost over, I knew we were up for some auto renew plan of some sort, a compulsory one. The grim reality of the situation the world had found itself was disheartening and as such, I totally understood the need for the halt.  One very interesting part of this ‘compulsory holidays’ is the manner at which everyone tried to adapt to the current situation. If the app store was a high school, zoom would probably have been the coolest kid. Everyone within the corporate workspace suddenly realized the importance of the good old video conferencing application. Social media platforms became the new club, church, office and even schools. Just amazing!

The Pros

As expected, the top on my list would be the zero traffic. Who isn’t excited about this??? Well maybe not those who make a living from it. For their sake and ours I hope normalcy returns soon.

Next would be the comfort. Ever tried eating during a brainstorm session or some serious office work, when it wasn’t lunch break already? I bet you either haven’t tried it for the fear of looking unserious or you were told to kindly put the food away. Either ways, good news Is working from home, affords you that opportunity, I’m currently battling with a bowl of cereal, yum yum!

Asides that, the comfort of working with no shoes or clothes on (of course I work with clothes on) is simply amazing. The list is almost endless.

The Cons

Office internet. Yes I said it!! I miss that lanky looking LAN cord. My data consumption appetite has been too big an enigma to even attempt understanding. I like the freedom to access a ton of things and quickly too, sadly my personal ISP hasn’t been able to keep up.

Nothing beats the gathering of people of like minds, and so working as a team makes the next item on my list. Hey guys, I miss you all (hehehehe)

What’s a good office day, without a ‘lirru’ stress? I know one of my reasons for wanting a stay home order was so I could finally taste a stress free life, well it’s boring and now I just want that stress back. Just a ‘lirru’.

All things being equal, working from home is an amazing thing to try out, however it shouldn’t go on for too long, so as to preserve sanity and proper work ethics.

Here goes my side note; just so you know, I topped candy crush’s top three among my friends, did some photography, took some online courses, food experiments (about this, I think I just might be on my way to becoming a professional mixologist), and surprisingly I haven’t seen half the movies I collected.

Until next time, stay safe.

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