Hand holding Alomo Bitters drink


Local spirits brands, which dominated the spirits market in Nigeria, saw good performance in 2016 as depreciation affected the purchasing power of the local currency, and thereby slowed demand for premium imported spirits, which is mostly consumed by middle- and upper-class consumers. Locally produced gin and bitters are highly purchased by lower- and middle-income consumers, due to their greater affordability. The bitters segment in Nigeria is huge. Rough estimates put the value of this segment at over N40 billion.

Due to the intense competition, Alomo bitters was being adulterated, hence leading to loss in its market share in Nigeria.

The bitters market is of two categories, the alcohol and non-alcohol. The market has become fertile for massive growth as more consumers look out to drink an alcoholic beverage that is believed to have health benefits to the human body. This led to increased number of manufacturers from contemporary Nigerian Producers (Nigeria brewery with ACE ROOTS), neighboring giant industry players (Kasapreko with Alomo Bitters) and Multinational (Guinness with Orijin); to enjoy the huge market share. The development has forced new product roll-outs, re-packaging and re-branding by the owners of the traditional brands, who are mainly multinational giants in the beverages industry. Due to the intense competition, Alomo bitters was being adulterated, hence leading to loss in its market share in Nigeria.

Market Research
Came First

Our agency carried out an exploratory market research to identify patterns and dynamics of the alcohol bitters market in order to gain deep and meaningful insight into the Alomo bitters brand and how best to carefully reposition the brand in the market and also mitigate the risk of counterfeiting of the product.


Via the insights drawn from the exploratory market research, we re-launched Alomo bitters with a new look and identity for clear differentiation from the adulterated products. The creative and Events/Experiential units of the agency conceptualized and executed the re-launch event as well as market and trade activations across major states in Nigeria. Intensive through-the-line campaign (ATL, BTL, Digital and Experiential) to deepen awareness, brand loyalty and communicate new positioning of the Alomo bitters brand in the market.

Our big idea: Confido

Alomo Bitters suffered a bit of setback a couple of years back and this affected the brand perception in the market place. There were a lot of adulterated versions of Alomo products which didn’t help for easy differentiation of the authentic Alomo brand itself. This direction pitches to the consumer that Alomo now comes in a great new look with same great taste. Therefore, the consumer can purchase and consume the product with ‘CONFIDENCE’ (CONFIDO) without fear of taking the adulterated one.

Hand holding Alomo Bitters drink
Man drinking Alomo Bitters drink