The Nigerian renewable space is awash with a plethora of interventions and initiatives, driven by several multilateral development organisations. Among these actors, EU continues to play the pivotal role of influencing policy initiatives, infusing investments, building capacity, enabling actors at different levels and creating impact. Its contribution notwithstanding, EU’s participation in the sector has been down-played and under-celebrated. The European Union delegation to Nigeria has over the years spent considerable amount of money in Nigeria’s energy sector most notably in the renewable energy sector, recently committing about €150m to the sector’s development.

Improved Visibility

First we identified key stakeholders

For Government and members of the private sector, agency favoured platforms and tools that were most effective in engaging with them. • The main beneficiaries or users of renewable energy products are the “Bottom of the Pyramid” (BOP) Nigerians living in rural/semi-urban areas and are largely off-grid. To reach these “last-mile” users, agency employed a direct and inter-personal approach in the form of community/market activations; as well as a mass-market channel of communication.

An Integrated
Marketing campaign

We ran an integrated marketing communications campaign (ATL, BTL, Digital, Experiential, Advocacy), engaging all relevant stakeholders using mass media channels native to them. Agency adopted the use of evidence-based outcomes of EU-supported projects and interventions, dramatized through stories of real transformation of people, communities and businesses to drive home the objectives of the campaign.

An integrated
through-the-line communications approach

Agency actualized the strategy through an integrated Through-the-Line communications approach involving PR, Advertising, Digital, and experiential activities tailored to suit the different identified target audience groups.

The European Union and Nigeria are connecting more rural communities to electricity through clean energy and also empowering these communities economically. Hence expanding access to POWER.


We conducted Television campaigns Nationwide that spread the message of the EU

1. The Village Barber

2. Raleeyah


We conducted Radio campaigns Nationwide that spread the message of the EU

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