Leadway Health

The Client

Good health remains one of the basic needs of individuals irrespective of status in society. When people have to pay the cost of health services out of their own pockets, it can take a toll on their finances regardless of their socio-economic class.

Despite how crucial a good healthcare system and a healthy society are to a nation, accessing good and quality healthcare services in Nigeria is poor. This can be attributed to the increasing decay and dysfunctionalities in the healthcare sector.

Health insurance is supposed to be a salvaging factor and help improve the healthcare sector, especially access to quality healthcare. However, health insurance penetration in Nigeria is extremely low. This has brought the attention of various stakeholders to the barriers to low insurance uptake and to introduce solutions and interventions that will solve the various issues affecting the sector.

In response to the ever-changing needs and dynamic nature of the customer, Leadway, a credible and top player in the financial non-banking sector birthed an HMO, Leadway Health. The HMO was birthed to redefine the healthcare system in Nigeria leveraging advanced technology and its unique proposition. Leadway Health was introduced into the market to meet the health needs of individuals and organizations across the country.

What We Did

It was important for us to align with the objectives of the new brand and create a campaign that helped meet these objectives. We first conducted in-depth research to understand the market the brand is playing in, the people we are aiming to reach, and the gaps it is coming to bridge with its offerings/services.

It was imperative that with our campaign we built immediate awareness, and visibility and positioned the brand as a worthy challenger for the market share thereby driving acceptance and sign-ups.

We implemented an integrated content-driven inbound marketing approach across digital and offline channels through a brand awareness campaign, content strategy, and an automated leads generation system.

Our big idea: Make the Smarter Choice

The joy and peace that comes with the best healthcare when a setback or life happens cannot be quantified. When you have an option that affords you quick access to quality healthcare and a brand that truly cares for you, the only rational choice to make is a smarter one.