Nigeria is beautiful for many reasons and is inhabited by arguably the funniest kinds of people on earth. Our ability to make jokes out of the ugliest of situations further makes us one of the happiest groups of people ever.  

Viral trends in Nigeria, specifically the ones on social media, that are either accompanied with a challenge or some really rib cracking meme faces, are perhaps now the largest source of daily comedy.

There’s really not enough time to droll over how engaging these Nigerian viral trends are because I’m almost behind schedule on this article, but wait, if I submit my article late, does that make me articulate? Yes, don’t leave me.

This new semi-global sensation that has seen even the most unsocial of all people screaming “Don’t leave me” started with an Instagram video by popular Nigerian comedian Josh Alfred, popularly known as Josh2funny. Josh specializes in pun videos that are funny, witty and arguably brilliant. This latest trend of Josh’s pun antics has the likes of veteran nollywood actors Olu Jacob and Kanayo O Kanayo amongst others, popular celebrities, foreign nationals and everyday you and me, participating in what has become Josh’s most engaging content yet.

This trend that has seen quite a large chunk of people swim in wordplay began when Josh made a video about him going on leave.

The video like every other of Josh’s video was nothing short of his usual brilliance, but this is different. As the video comes to a wrap, his hype man Bello, utters a combination of three usual words that would soon catapult both his and Josh’s pun antics to a semi global stage; ”Don’t leave me”

In an interview recently, Josh admits that one his biggest fear is him not getting the credit for a trend he started. This here leads us to perhaps the most interesting battle for custody in recent social media times.

Totally alien to a lot of people, there is an almost invisible war between popular comedian Josh2funny and self acclaimed King of pun, Gbagaun muncher. While the former might be first to use the phrase don’t leave me in a pun skit, he is certainly not the originator of pun videos within the Nigerian social media space.

While Gbagaun muncher who also goes by the name Daddy G.O, subtly argues that he is the originator of the pun videos within the Nigerian social media space, which might most likely not be true, the battle for the phrase ‘don’t leave me’ is flawless for Josh and his hype man Bello. Gbagaun muncher, has gone as far as republishing fairly old videos of him dishing out pun ‘wisdom’ where he is seen punning with names of countries in a very brilliant way.

Wordplay as an act is however not completely alien to the Nigerian society, with the likes of musical sensation M.I, Vector, Mode 9 and even Emma oh ma god having some interesting materials built around wordplay. Generally I think we can all agree to just enjoy these brilliantly entertaining contents while giving Caeser his due credits. hoever Ceaser turns out to be.

As the world creeps into a digital world at an alarming fast pace, it is typical to expect that new trends would break the internet every now and then. So until the next one, stay safe and entertained.

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